Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wing Chairs

Wing Chairs
I've been on a search for the perfect neutral wing chair for my living room.  I have a very large couch so I didn't want anything too big, but I also wanted it to be functional for entertaining. After browsing for quite some time, I decided on #1 in the natural linen color because of it's reasonable price tag.  Unfortunately, when I finally went to make my purchase, it was nowhere to be found!!!  I literally wanted to cry.  So I sulked for a fews weeks and just my luck, the chair reappeared!  I didn't waste any time and purchased it on the spot.  

Some reviews said it was uncomfortable so I almost expected it to feel like burlap and be hard as a rock.  On the contrary, it's a great sitting chair.  The lack of arms is an added bonus as two people can actually fit on the seat!  And the nailhead trim gives it a stylish, modern look.  I'm definitely pleased with my purchase. 

Which chair do you like?  

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